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Episode 2.10: Tremors

by admin on November 19, 2013

Holmes is forced to testify under oath in an official police inquiry when an investigation goes horribly wrong, but his cooperation jeopardizes his and Watson’s future with the NYPD.

Original Air Date: Dec 5, 2013

- description from tvguide.com

Episode 2.9: On the Line

by admin on November 19, 2013

Holmes and Watson uncover the identity of a serial killer whose cases have gone cold. Their discovery leads to friction between themselves and the NYPD.

Original Air Date: Nov 21, 2013

Guest Cast
Dee Pelletier: Polygraph Examiner
Chris Bauer: Det. Gerry Coventry
Eric Sheffer Stevens: Tim Spalding
Charlotte Maier: Cynthia Tilden
Troy Garity: Lucas Bundsch

- description from tvguide.com

Episode 2.8: Blood Is Thicker

by admin on November 19, 2013


Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a young woman and tie her to a billionaire technology CEO. They are shocked to discover that the victim is the CEO’s illegitimate daughter, and that the CEO is in poor health after receiving a heart transplant. Joan questions the CEO’s wife who reveals that the victim was donating blood to her father and was recently included in his will. Questioning the victim’s on-again-off-again boyfriend leads to the discovery that the victim was ill and Joan realizes that the actual target was the CEO, who dies during the investigation. Sherlock and Joan corner the wife into admitting that she was using the daughter as an incubator for the antibodies used to destroy the CEO’s new heart and kill him. Meanwhile, Mycroft tries to convince Sherlock to return to London saying that their father is disappointed he hasn’t returned to his work at Scotland Yard. Mycroft is lying to Sherlock.

Original Air Date: Nov 14, 2013

Guest Cast
Jordan Gelber: Dr. Eugene Hawes
Johanna Day: Maureen Tyler
Kieran Campion: Ray McKibben
Casey Biggs: Alan Becker
Margaret Colin: Natalie Gale
William Sadler: Ian Gale
Rhys Ifans: Mycroft Holmes
Mark Zeisler: Arthur Watkins
Mike Masters: Lead Security Guard

- description from CBS.com

Episode 2.7: The Marchioness

by admin on November 19, 2013


Sherlock’s brother, Mycroft, arrives in New York and enlists Sherlock’s help with a case involving his former fiancée, Nigella. Investigating the murder of Nigella’s current lover outside of the stable where Nigella keeps her expensive stud. Searching the scene, Sherlock finds a set of four fingerprints leading to a cartel hitman, El Mecanico. Discovering Nigella’s horse is an imposter, Sherlock saves Nigella’s life, and investigates El Mecanico. After reviewing tapes, Sherlock zones in on a suspect with four fingers, but his prints don’t match those found at the scene. They realize that El Mecanico had taken the prints off of his first victim – a homeless man he buried in the park years ago. Using Nigella as bait, NYPD captures El Mecanico, and Sherlock and Mycroft force Nigella to pay back victims of her scam. Meanwhile, Sherlock has difficulty accepting that Joan and Mycroft slept together while in London.

Original Air Date: Nov 7, 2013

Guest Cast
Joe Forbrich: Brad Scheff
Ken Marks: Chairman
Olivia d’Abo: Nigella Mason
Orlagh Cassidy: Maris
Phyllis Somerville: Miriam Berg
Rhys Ifans: Mycroft Holmes

- description from CBS.com

Episode 2.6: An Unnatural Arrangement

by admin on November 19, 2013


A home intruder, who is after Gregson, is shot by his wife. Sherlock and Joan investigate who could be targeting Gregson. Two more victims, including Gregson’s neighbor, are discovered murdered and Sherlock realizes the killer went to the wrong house and isn’t after Gregson. Tying the victims to their service in Afghanistan guarding an archaeological site, Sherlock questions an archaeologist and quickly deduces that she was stealing from her digs and is now killing her accomplices with the help of her ex-husband. In the process of the investigation, Gregson must reveal that he and his wife separated. Meanwhile, Joan is frustrated with Sherlock after he solves a case she was asked to consult on. Sherlock gives her access to his box of unsolved cases.

Original Air Date: Oct 31, 2013

- description from CBS.com

Episode 2.5: Ancient History

by admin on November 19, 2013


At the morgue searching for a case, Sherlock discovers one of the bodies, Leo Banin, is a former assassin who killed someone the day he died. We go looking for his victim. After looking into business associates and a loan shark, all of whom are still alive, they go back to the accident scene. At the scene, Sherlock and Joan find the body of his victim, another mobster. They uncover bullet casings that indicate that Leo was being shot at and that is what caused the traffic accident. Finally, Sherlock reveals that it was Leo’s wife who alerted the mobsters to his location and aided in their plan to kill him and, in the end, was forced to pick up the gun herself. Meanwhile, Joan helps a friend find a one night stand that turns out to have been Sherlock.

Original Air Date: Oct 24, 2013

Guest Cast
Danielle Nicolet: Jennifer Sayles
Gene Gabriel: CSU Officer
Tibor Feldman: Dr. Michael Glassman
Jordan Gelber: Reginald Hawes
Misha Kuznetsov: Marko Zubkov
Deirdre Madigan: Receptionist
Mike Starr: Russell Gertz

- description from CBS.com

Episode 2.4: Poison Pen

by admin on November 19, 2013


Investigating the murder of man by nitroglycerine poisoning, Sherlock discovers the family’s nanny is a woman from his past who he knows killed her own father with nitroglycerine. Sherlock tries to prove she was framed for this crime. Video evidence is discovered that points to the elder son, who was the victim of sexual abuse by his father. Sherlock, Joan, and Gregson are about to hear his confession when the nanny confesses to save the boy from jail.

Original Air Date: Oct 17, 2013

Guest Cast
Keesha Sharp: Mistress Felicia
Noelle Beck: Peri Delancey
Laura Benanti: Anne Barker
Paul Fitzgerald: Burt Jeffries
Patrick Kerr: Simon Robert
Emmet Lunney: Attorney
Cindy Katz: Marsha Stecker

- description from CBS.com

Episode 2.3: We Are Everyone

by admin on November 19, 2013


After leaking secrets, a government operative, Ezra, is on the run and a mysterious man hires Sherlock and Joan to locate him. Questioning the mysterious man’s motives leads Sherlock to learn that he’s part of an organization gunning for Ezra. Connecting Ezra with “Everyone,” a group of cyber-activists, Sherlock discovers the identity of the girl harboring Ezra, but they find her dead at her apartment and know Ezra killer her. Sherlock steals a guard’s phone, but “Everyone” traces it to Sherlock and Joan and wreak havoc on their digital lives. Sherlock catches up to Ezra as he tries to leave the country on a plane owned by a member of “Everyone.” Ezra reveals he can expose US spies throughout the globe and is forced to let him go. Sherlock comes up with a plan to capture Ezra and keep the identities of the spies a secret. Meanwhile, Joan signs up for an online dating site and uses the opportunity to chastise Sherlock for his lack of meaningful relationships.

Original Air Date: Oct 10, 2013

Guest Cast
Scott Whitehurst: Agent
Peter McRobbie: Milton Van Kirk
Steve Kazee: Jeff Heinz
Laura Osnes: Celia Carroll
Chester Jones III: Bike Cop
David Hess: Darragh O’Connor
Christian Campbell: Ezra Kleinfelter
Anthony Fazio: Delivery Man
Ronald Guttman: Mr. Mueller/Elliot Honeycutt

- description from CBS.com

Episode 2.2: Solve for X

by admin on November 19, 2013


Sherlock and Joan investigate the murder of a mathematician whose walls are painted with a complex formula. A colleague of Sherlock’s reveals the formula is a nearly unsolvable problem, and directs them to a professor, Tayna, who had written about the formula. Tanya points them to a suspect, but he’s been murdered. Sherlock realizes the second victim was under surveillance and tracks down the man responsible. He tells Sherlock the value of the completed formula – a skeleton key to bypass any encryption – and directs them back at Tanya, but she provides a video recording of her alibi. Sherlock confronts Tanya with evidence that she manipulated the footage because she already solved the problem and killed the two victims because they were getting close. Meanwhile, Joan meets with the son of the patient she lost during surgery and he asks her for money.

Original Air Date: Oct 3, 2013

Guest Cast
Lynn Collins: Tanya Dempsey
Rich Sommer: Harlan Emple
Khalil Kain: Benny Charles
Glenn Fitzgerald: Linus Roe
Jeremy Jordan: Joey Castoro
Rock Kohli: Cabbie

- description from CBS.com

Episode 2.1: Step Nine

by admin on November 19, 2013


Sherlock gets a call from Scotland Yard about a missing inspector, Lestrade, that worked with Sherlock. Sherlock and Joan go to London. Sherlock easily locates Lestrade at a bar and agrees to help solve the case that caused Lestrade to be suspended. Attempting to prove a rich man killed his wife, Sherlock, Joan, and Lestrade pour over evidence. Refrigerated milk leads them to visit the suspect’s house where Sherlock discovers a chipped nail, leading him to the conclusion that the gun was printed using plastic and melted in acetone. Tracking 3D printer purchases leads them to the body of the suspect’s handyman, and plastic fragments found on the scene prove Sherlock’s hypothesis that the man printed a gun to kill his wife and killed the handyman to clean up loose ends. Meanwhile, Sherlock is shocked to discover his brother, Mycroft, has moved into his old place at 221B Baker Street. Mycroft is interested in how Joan became Sherlock’s friend and reveals he wants to make amends with Sherlock. Mycroft uses a homemade bomb to destroy Sherlock’s belongings (and get his attention).

Original Air Date: Sep 26, 2013

Guest Cast
Tim McMullan: DCI Hopkins
Rufus Wright: Lawrence Pendry
John Owens: Priest
Sean Pertwee: Gareth Lestrade
Rhys Ifans: Mycroft Holmes

- description from CBS.com